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The Italian agri-food sector identifies increasingly worldwide as a single and integrated model which is sustainable and highly efficient and innovative. Filiera Italia was created in response to the requirement for a single representation of this extraordinary reality, which can finally be considered as united and with a single voice at domestic and international meetings, thus overcoming the limits of the current divisions in terms of representation.


1. Encouraging knowledge and the spreading of food practices based on the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, through a combination of all the ingredients needed for a healthy, varied and balanced diet. To this end, the Association pursues scientific goals concerning ‘research of utility to the public’.

2. Promoting and spreading the distinctive nature of food production and transformation processes, the creation of supply chains based on the presence of Italian agricultural products, the values of territorial identity, transparency and sustainability, in terms of consumption awareness.

3. Promoting the adoption by farms and transformation companies of practices aimed at environmental sustainability (soil, water and air protection) and reduction of energy consumption, in order to promote competitiveness and at the same time to protect and safeguard territories, especially in the areas of the country that are most at risk.

4. Protecting and defending “Made in Italy” products on international markets, by combating counterfeiting and Italian sounding at all levels.

5. Ensuring the fair share of added value among the various actors in the supply chain, combating improper and non-transparent trade practices.


An association supporting the distinguishing qualities of food and the agri-food production and transformation system of those who hold Italy close to their hearts
Territorial identity.
National identidy.
Fair share of added value along the production chain.

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