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XVII International Forum of Cernobbio

On Friday, 19th October, from 9.00 at Villa d’Este di Cernobbio (Lake Como) begins the seventeenth edition of the International Forum of Agriculture and Food, organized by Coldiretti together with Studio Ambrosetti, with the opening of the “Salone della creatività Made in Italy” and practical demonstration of the young finalists for the innovation prize “Oscar green”. Among the appointments, the meeting of “Filiera Italia” Association that will be an opportunity to present in details the future organization and strategy to become in the next months a leader in the national and international scenario; the introduction of the relationship between Coldiretti and Censis about “The innovative trends of food in Italy” and the new values, economic and labour dimensions, emerging forms of consumption and the latest purchase guidelines.

During the meetings, we will analyze the current events, starting from the action. The focus will be also the environmental matters and the role of the green urban areas to fight pollution and climate changes. On Saturday, 20th October, the main issue will be the international trade and the new Italian approach to the European Union through the survey of Coldiretti and Ixè, with insights into the duties and defence of Made in Italy. The “table of shame” will be set with all the products obtained by exploitation of workers and natural resources. Presentation of the European citizens’ action “Eat original! Unmask your food”, in favor of indication of food products’ origin that involves seven Member States of the European Union and workshop dedicated to “Italian food makes a team” with the Made in Italy champions. At the end, the political discussion about the growth perspectives. The Forum is the annual appointment for agri-food sector that bring together the main experts and pundits,  institutional members and leaders of the national and international social, economic, financial and political forces that intervene in political, economic, social and environmental news

XVII International Forum of Cernobbio

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